Tuesday, September 19, 2017


3D Laser Scanning
(Sometimes known as 3D Digitising or Cyberscanning)

We capture most types of objects i.e: actors for film & tv, sculpted animals, characters, statues, for animation in film & tv, copying, replicating, scaling, modifying, animating etc.

Any object that you want to copy or even scale up or down.

Rapido3d specialises in capturing real world objects, that can then be manipulated for various uses, some of which are listed below.

3D Printing

We have a Zcorp Z450 colour 3d printer, this printer prints in plaster, after it is printed the model is quite porous we soak in a choice of infiltrants, for maximum strength we would soak it in Epoxy resin, for speed we would soak it in Super Glue, for moulding we soak it in our secret formula of Wax.

  • bottle.png
  • flower1.png
  • Kate1.png
  • pregnant-man.png
  • turbo.png

We have been working in 3D since 1992 and in that time, there is not much we haven't been challenged by. Whatever your project is, just tell us your end goal and we should be able to help you reach it.

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