Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CNC, computer numerically controlled. there are many different types of CNC machines, the most common are wither 3 axis or 5 axis.

We do not CNC machine in house, we have a number of CNC machine shops catering for varying needs, we usually recommend the shop most suitable for your project.

Utilising 5 axis milling machine you can have any models carved any size models from scan data or your own data.

For models smaller than 1 metre tall it is usually more cost effective to 3d print, 3d Printing gives far more detail than CNC machining.

  • a_sg_l_imagen.png
  • cloughcnc_1.png
  • cloughcnc_2.png
  • cloughcnc_3.png
  • cloughpartscnc.png
  • doraemon_cnc.png
  • eggbox2.png
  • egg_box_cnc.png
  • gaga_cnc.png

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