Tuesday, September 19, 2017
3D Printing
Our Full Colour 3d printing machine can print objects with unrivalled detail in very high resolution,
We can print your 3d data at full size or smaller, larger models can be made in sections.
To get a quote on printing your model you will need to register to upload it.
Click on the member login button top right to register or login then click upload a model.
You must register before you can upload.
  • 2d_print_a_ron-mueck.png
  • 3dprint_girl_300T.png
  • 3dprint_kate_300T.png
  • 3dprint_lion_300T.png
  • freedom fighter4_300T.png
  • gaga_titanium.png
  • headprint1_300T.png
  • nikos1.png
  • nikos2.png
  • nikos3.png
  • rams head.png
  • terry_pattyhand.png
  • terry_wax_print_300T.png
All the images except the titanium one have been printed with our printer.

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